A visit to the Irapuato´s zoo, can become an unforgettable experience for several aspects that make it unique, its extended period of five hectares, is ideal for a quiet tour and its large shaded walkways invite visitors to take a break and watch the unhurried nature or exhaustion. If you prefer to enjoy the greenery outdoors and admire the rays of a splendid day, you can spend unforgettable moments in the play area or enjoy a pleasant boat ride that constantly gives rides on the lake of over 10,000 Mts2, or if you prefer, you can ride the train that encircles the zoo.

Currently the zoo has more than 90 species and nearly 600 mammals, birds and reptiles. In early highlighted Siberian bears, hippos, giraffes, llamas, guanacos, wuapitis and a series of white-tailed deer, Gamus and Barbary sheep and mouflon. Irapuato´s zoo also features the full range of cats, such as Bengal tigers, lions, jaguars, pumas and lynx, plus friendly spider monkeys and vervets.

Another attraction of the zoo is “The Herpetario”, where you can find the following areas: crocodile, turtle, iguana and a snake which is achieved admire more than a dozen snakes in the region, such as the ball python more weight of 70 kgs or 150 grs Bejuquillo snake highly poisonous.

The contact that visitors are able to have with most of the species that inhabit it fun for the kids, because they can not risk any reservation or feed them with your own hands to walk spider monkeys hanging in trees and black bears who eat carrot sticks delicately that visitors give them in their mouth.

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